Design and Construct

Complete design and construct packages


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Quality is more than a mere goal


Construction Management

EYUNITED is always passionate about searching for latest technology, efficient buildability methodology and sustainable solution to offer our client maximum value of return on investment. We work closely with our client and consultant team, striving to present the best construction solution to deliver most suitable and outstanding results to satisfy all our clients’ requirements.

Early Work Package

Early Contractor Involvement gives you the best of our diverse service offering across the property, construction, research, and design.
By engaging EY UNITED at the earliest possible opportunity, we work with clients during the tender and design process to more effectively manage all technical project risks associated with time, cost, quality, sustainability and safety.

Construction Only

EY UNITED is committed to transform your vision into reality and bring energy and enthusiasm to achieve our shared goals and reach the highest standards possible. We listen and understand our client’s objectives and strive to deliver more than the sum of its parts.

Design and Construction

EY UNITED Design & Construction provides the one-stop-shop where all your design, planning, engineering and construction requirements can be taken care of and responded to uniquely and specifically, we are committed to find a tailored solution for each individual project leveraging our wealth of industry knowledge and experience.


Our Mission Statement

As a company, EY United strives to deliver a product which exceeds the expectations of our clients. For EY United quality is more than a mere goal: it’s a commitment, a statement that illustrates our 10 years of experience, a guarantee that we stand by. The EY United brand is synonymous with quality”